Welcome to the battlefield!
Total online: 955
Server x80
Elyos - 150
Asmodians- 191

Server x5
Elyos - 312
Asmodians- 292

Server x1
Elyos - 3
Asmodians- 7

How to start the game on our server

To begin the game on our server you need to perform a few simple steps:

1) Register an account
2) Download our Aion 4.9 client from Torrent - 215e46cdd742.png

3) Download the launcher to enter the game :




4) Unpack this archive to a folder with the client 

5) Run the file Aion Cataclysm.exe for x80 server or Aion Cataclysm_x5.exe for X5 server or Aion Cataclysm_x1.exe for X1 server; enter the username and password of your account (see 1 step), follow the instructions from launcher.

6) Download EN translation file: data.pak Put this file into L10N/enu/data/ folder.

-->Before the game, read  this topic 

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Use your account login instead of character name when voting for server