How to start the game on our server


To start playing on our server you need to follow a few simple steps:


1) Register an account;

2) Download game client:

Game client for х80 server -  Aion 5.1


Game client for х5 server  - Aion 4.9


Game client for х1 server  - Aion 1.9


3) Download game launcher to enter the game:



4) Unpack this archive into client folder.


5) Run AionCataclysm.exe for x80 server, or AionCataclysm_x5.exe for x5 server, or AionCataclysm_x1.exe for x1 server. Enter username and password of your account (see step #1), and follow the instructions from launcher.


6) To setup english translation follow these steps:

For x80 server: download data.pak(clickable) Put this file into L10N/enu/data/ folder. Without this file you'll not be able to open ingameshop!

For x5 server: download data.pak(clickable) Put this file into L10N/enu/data/ folder. Without this file you'll not be able to open ingameshop!

For x1 server: download L10N(clickable) folder archive. Put this archive into client root folder. Remove current existing L10N folder. Unpack downloaded archive into client root.

7) Have a fun! =)

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