About us

AionCataclysm server has started in August 2013 and was PvP-oriented from the start.

There were 10-15 players in the early beginning and we occupied nearly the last line on the MMOTOP website.:)  Despite it, those who could find us on the bottom of the servers list have joined us and stayed for long.  :)

From the beginning we were open-hearts for our players. We put in life the most interesting players’ proposals and worked hard on improving the technical part of the project.

In two months our Online raised to 200 players, in half-year there were 1000+ unique players. At the same time we occupied the second place on the MMOTOP website, replacing a server, which held this position for the last 3 or 4 years. It means a lot, you know :)

Our competitors tried to interfere the server’s work by DDOS attacks, web hacking and so on.

Unlike such competitors, we are making our project better by working on it, not by stupid attempts of harming someone.

We don’t use and greet such methods of advertisement like “players encouragement for adv.posts on the other server’s Forum”

Our project’s Administrators are part of the Aion-Lightning group – the most advanced developer team. That’s why we work on the server all by ourselves.


In brief:

1. We are the best developers of free Aion servers.

2. We boost our project by working on it, not by DDOS attacks and harm to our competitors.

3. We are open-hearts and interested in our players’ opinion. It doesn’t mean we are 24/7 online on Forum to answer you instantly. It means we see the whole picture and try to react on your propositions in time.

4. We think our x5 server has all chances to become the best project among low-rates free-servers dut to our efforts. Our PvP serve once started with 10 players and only regarding our hard work it became what it is today.

5. We can provide comfortable game for any amount of players.

6. Our reputation is the result of our work, not empty promises



We DON'T PROMISE 100% work of the server. We want our server to improve and reach an ideal. We promise to put maximum efforts on it. All show off about 100% working servers that you can find Online is a lie. We think it’s incorrectly to lie to our players.

We DON'T PROMISE u won’t fall under the Geodata. All show off about 100% working geodata that you can find Online is a lie.

We can tell you even more – the biggest amounts of free servers from MMOTOP rating were established on our leaks. It means our Geodata is on the most of free servers. 

It is silly to believe the promises of 100% work of geodata if even its’ developers don’t guarantee it, isn’t it? :)


For the moment we are the best RU PvP-server (maybe even best in the world, who knows :D), we have mostly the maximum Online, that a PvP-server can get.


So it’s the maximum of information. :) Please, use our Forum for any questions and proposals. You will get a quality Aion-platform here, huge community and wise Administration.


Choose the best platform from the best team of developers! ;)


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